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Tutorial Post One

March 20, 2009

I unfortunately fall into the category of people who no longer buy the newspaper despite wanting to become a journalist. Recently I discovered that several newspapers offer free subscription to aspects of their online publications and have begun subscribing to various newspapers such as London’s Guardian and the New York Times. Every day the news is constantly surrounding me. I listen to the radio in the mornings and during the evenings consequently hearing the regular news broadcasts. If at home, I also watch the six o’ clock Channel Seven news.

The main language tool that I use is the dictionary, in particular online dictionaries but, very rarely a printed dictionary. One of the only other language tools that I use are online versions of the thesaurus.

Deadlines, I am not too bad with deadlines. Although, I do have a tendency to leave work to the last minute. Over the last two years I have become far more organized finding them much less stressful to meet.