Tutorial Posting 2 – Jacinda Valeontis

Sinking another shot Michael, a sixteen year old year eleven student, is facing all the pressures of his final years at school with the same relaxed attitude he plays basketball.

On the court Michael, a sixteen year old year eleven student, is the calm defence. Short for the game, only 5 foot 7, this hasn’t stopped him from becoming the captain of his team. Playing basketball since he turned thirteen, Michael is known to calmly stride from one side of the court to the other. An air of confidence in his game.

Unsure of what he wants to do when he leaves school, his main focus now is to achieve the best mark he can. A student at a small Catholic school, he is beginning to feel the mounting pressure of his perilous study schedule. Constant assessments and tests, particularly from his choice of subjects three unit mathematics and physics, has left him craving for the holidays and an escape.

But, just as in the game he loves he remains calm and looks for assistance from his team; friends and teachers. With the formation of small study groups and the constant sharing of information, each member of the team helps the other through.

Michael’s outlook for the next two years is positive, ‘I am just looking forward to chillin’ with my mates and getting through to the end the best I can.’



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